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Terms of Submitting Curriculum Vitae
By completing this form and submitting your CV, you give us the right to review your CV information and, if it meets the formal requirements for the job you have requested, to contact you in order to provide us with any other required information or to arrange an interview appointment. Sending your CV through this website means expressly accepting the following terms and conditions:
The Candidate:
• Provides accurate and true information.
• Does not provide information on specific categories of personal data (such as information on political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic or biometric data, health data, etc.), nor criminal convictions and offenses.
• Does not provide information related to a third party, unless he/she is explicitly authorized by the third party.
“Goldair Cargo SA”, headquartered in Aspropyrgos, Attica, location known as "Rykia", tel. 211 1804200, e-mail: goldair-cargo@goldair.gr becomes the "DATA Processor" of the personal data you provide through your "form" and CV, as well as through any other form of communication that may be required to assess your ability to fill a job in "Goldair Cargo SA".
"Goldair Cargo SA" only requires the processing of your absolutely necessary personal data and only with your explicit consent. For the purpose of assuring your consent,” Goldair Cargo SA” will send a confirmatory e-mail message to your designated address.
Your personal data is collected and processed by "Goldair Cargo SA" for the purpose of evaluating your skills to fill a job for which you have sent your CV. They are collected either directly by you by submitting your CV at www.goldair-cargo.com/el/ or through third-party affiliates collecting personal data from the CVs you place in their CV's Database and then forward them to interested employers, including "Goldair Cargo SA".
Your personal data may only be accessed by specially authorized employees of “Goldair Cargo SA” and its partners who have undertaken to maintain confidentiality.
Your personal data is not transmitted to third parties.
Your personal data will be erased by “Goldair Cargo SA” once it has been determined that you will not be offered a job, or that said job is not accepted by you or, in any case, within six months (6 months) from submitting the CV for any need for recruitment that may occur during this six month period.
You have the right to:
a) request
• Access to your data
• Correcting or deleting your data
• Limiting the processing of your data
• Portability of your data
• Opposition to processing, which may take the form of Revocation of your consent to the processing of your personal data. This Revocation does not affect the processing based on consent given prior to its revocation.

The request is submitted to postal address "Rykia", Aspropyrgos Attica, 19300, P.O. 179, Tel .: 211 1804200 or through the online contact form
b) file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority, if you believe that the processing of your Personal Data violates the applicable data protection law.
If you wish to be informed on any matter concerning the processing of your Personal Data and the exercise of your rights, you can contact us at 211 1804200 or at the Location "Rykia", Aspropyrgos Attica, 19300, P.O. 179.